AMI started in 1982. At the beginning it was formed by adoptive parents only. The adoptive experience ( in India, Brazil & Ethiopia) pushed the members to strongly work for the children of those countries. By the time, AMI began to understand better the local culture, and to operate for a self sustaining progress. We have built little schools and hospitals. Today AMI is maintaining several little projects for integrated development in the South of India, in Brazil and Ethiopia. In Italy we work to push people towards a culture open to differences and solidarity.


The sponsorships of children and boys, to sustain them for the school, seemed us to be a useful and immediate help. AMI is currently sponsoring 2.500 children and boys. Into the several situations in which we operate, we always try to setup an individual project that help the community, too. The better scheme is related to boys and girls living into a community already involved into a development project. The local referees are chosen looking at several criteria : serious, efficient, well linked with our philosophy ; and without any prejudice towards political or religious ideas. The help is linked to the need only, without regards to religion.


The sponsor pay for the child € 180 per year (c.a 200 USD), and he will receive, once or twice a year, photos and news. The fixed amount is usually more than sufficient for primary studies. High school, instead, absorb all the amount, because of private school fees and hostels rates. In India the school system is very selective and the career is strictly related to adequate results.Depending on the child age you could have a direct link by mail, or visit him/her directly, if you like it... We are now starting some mail exchange between Italian and Indian schools.


BIHAR (India East)

Sustain to the Santals tribe community girls (aged from 5 years and up..). The Santals are an ancient community, now marginal. Maria Bambina Sisters operate to promote their integration, with special regard to school . They try to save and promote their traditions and culture, together with Western and Indian university institutes.

CALCUTTA (East India)

We are working together with the SICW, local association for the children welfare. The SICW is not religion based, and operates since 13 years, to help abandoned children. The SICW manage a little clinic, a kindergarten, some projects for sustaining of girls and operations for school and professional teaching. AMI sponsorships are directed to little children, parentless or living in the slums with parents, children with physical and psychological handicaps.

KERALA and TAMIL NADU (South India)

AMI, together with Maria Bambina Sisters, helps in this area 1400 children in 30 villages. Some children are parentless and live with the sisters, some come from poor families and go to the Mission school, that is often the only school in the area. Others regularly comes to the little clinics managed by the sisters in rural areas or city slums. In Pattumudì children live in a village where we are driving a project for the reactivate of a plantation tea, with the scope to sustain 72 families. In Mananthavady we sponsor 40 children with heavy handicaps. A lot of the sponsored children belong to tribal groups or live in the Vathuruty slum in Cochin. Some girls arrived to teaching in schools or became professional nurses or lab technicians. A lot of boys attended to professional courses ( carpenter, mechanics, etc.) that guarantee a job and a salary. For the girls that don't want to study, there are sewing and tailoring courses, and some little money to start a little business shop. A particular kind of sponsorship is sometimes directly sent from old sponsors to give parentless girls the opportunity of a marriage.


Together with ASSEFA, an Indian Government Agency, operating on development projects, AMI finances three little projects and is starting some sponsorships to the children of the villages, and organizing a pen-pal exchange between Italian and ASSEFA schools.


In Rio De Janeiro two AMI members (Renzo and Luisa Rota) operated for two years, as volunteer cooperators for school. Coming back to Italy, they maintained their links with the local Brazilian communities. Now they coordinates the Brazilian sponsorships, sustaining the children of the Nuova Aurora community. The referees are teachers socially involved into the common people daily life.Nuova Aurora lies into the "Fluminense Baixada", one of the more involved community in street hell. Here a sponsorship really means a kind of prevention, and a unique opportunity for a child do not end his life in prison, or killed by the police...A lot of boys are taken from the street and driven to a real consciousness of themselves and their community, to hope in a better future. AMI is attempting to locally identify families available to take parentless children, with some economic contribution from Italy.

SAN PAOLO (Brasile)

Father Gino is an Italian Father living in Sao Paulo. He send us informations about children needing sponsorships.

ADIS ABEBA (Ethiopia)

Together with the Divine Providence Sisters of Piacenza (Italy), we are sending sponsorships to kindergartens and schools, in the poorest quarters of the city.
In Debre Berhan, 130 Km far from the capital, the Sisters organized a sewing lab and a technical school for mechanicals and geometers. The sponsorships let the boys attend to these courses.
Mendida and Shellella are two little towns in the interior of country, where we are starting a health program with rural clinics.

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